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"I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."
~ Tuesday, January 15 ~

classyraptor said: That is the coolest thing ever! I sort of wish I worked at LEGO, so I'd have an excuse to get to play with legos more haha! It's been a while since I've played with those, which is a shame. If you dont mind me asking, what do you do at LEGO?

I don’t mind at all, as long you don’t mind getting an essay in reply :) It’s pretty much your typical retail job, just with LEGO sets instead of clothes. I make sure the store stays somewhat clean and orderly, help customers find the sets they’re looking for (or suggest ones they might be interested in), work the cash register, and generally float around the store talking to parents/kids. At the cash register, I tell people about any upcoming promotions or sales, administer current promotions (for example, until Jan 31st, if you spend over $75 in the store you get a small, free Chima set); I also offer for them to sign up for the LEGO VIP card (our rewards card). Oh, and sometimes I stock the floor from our back room. When the store is slow I can make mini-figures (we have a little station where people can put them together), or build something at the 1 or 2 stations we have set up around the store of free-play LEGOs. My coworkers (mostly dudes haha) are all pretty cool/chill, too, which makes working there even better; sometimes after we’ve closed up for the night we go out for a drink in the mall. I don’t think I’ve had a bad customer or experience at the store yet! Sometimes there are kids that cry/scream, but everyone is pretty understanding and chill about it. Sometimes we even get kids to help us clean up the mini-figure-making area by bribing them with a free mini-figure :X I’ve also made some of the sets on display in the store! It was harder than I remembered it being when I was younger, heh. You should try to put a set together again! There are some great ones out in a lot of fandoms like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings/Hobbit :)

(I’m gonna publish this publicly so anyone else who wonders what it’s like to work at LEGO can find out - I hope that’s ok! If it’s not, I’ll take it down!)

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